Why We Exist

To captivate and connect people with stories they love by creating amazing experiences via Streaming TV.  Over the next 12 months NBTV strategy is to enhance our over all appeal, and place our supporters within NBTV at the helm of technological advancement concerning viwership Technology and overall growth of the Streaming Market Space. Our vision has been defined as the preimer streaming technology company in America. National Broadcasting Television is a Network designed to tell stories about the human family that highlight the best of the human existence while giving God the Glory for Creating us All.

Our Vision

We are a must have Streaming Entertainment Box & APP technology brand that is celebrated for continuing to redefine Streaming TV in the 21st century. We placed NBTV platform on the android, and apple platforms to give users the maximum opportunity to download the NBTV Streaming App for their complete streaming box entertainment experience. To see the meeting of the minds regarding visionnaires for the 21st century implement these amazing technological in infrastructures is a dream come true for the Founder of NBTV CEO Stanley Everage Jr.

Our Values

Operating at the intersection of entertainment and technology, NBTV has a unique opportunity to continually redefine Streaming TV. As NBTV, we’re inspired by this opportunity, and proud of the culture we’ve built. How we work and how we play “we try to excel at both” and are guided by a set of values, which gives us the edge in the Streaming TV arena. Because NBTV INC reside in the digital Space our payment process for the NBTV Streaming Box purchasing reflect the growing streaming Industry as a whole. It has been seven years now and all our perdictions has come to past as our CEO stated back in 2012 we would be the first television Network to Stream a Channel 24 hours a Day but we wouldn’t be the last. Today every major television, and radio station in the World Streams there content it’s amazing to see the NBTV vision become a reality for humanity.    



NBTV CEO/Founder & Developer Stanley Everage Jr.