NBTV Press Release:

Dr. Quintella T. Childs, NBTV, Executive

On Friday, President and CEO Stanley Everage Jr. of National Broadcasting Television encouraged viewers to “REMEMBER THIS DAY FEBRUARY 19, 2016.” He added “IT’S OVER.” It hits you like a Ton of Bricks! The KILLER Vote of merging 24/7 online streaming TV channels and cable TV channels is just bound to bring you the Universal Set Top Box that you’ve been dreaming of. Stanley Everage Jr. has invested such an immense amount of planning time that goes into ensuring that the initial success of a rocket launches massive output power became a reality.

The Federal Communications Commission has broken up a monopoly of cable TV markets by passing a Vote 3-2 February 18, 2016 that joins Online Streaming channels and Cable channels. Here’s a quote from NBTV CEO Stanley Everage Jr., “I thank the FCC for establishing the universal set top box and for changing broadcasting television forever because consumers all over America will have access to online streaming TV channels along with other major cable TV channels.” NBTV’s continued independent success of 24/7 online TV broadcasting influenced one of the leading cause for concern of the commission to scrutinize the barriers that prohibit independent, and diverse programming from appearing on pay TV systems.

Bob Johnson (FCC member) said, “I believe that choice is the most important part of media diversity.” He also added that the change is important for minorities of programming “who have been locked out by various gatekeepers.”

“Having access to the diversity of the digital network to get their content and be competitive with some of the larger programs is the most important part of giving minority producers, and independent producers a voice equal to that of some of the large providers,” Johnson said. Watch the Link Below BET Founder Bob Johnson Explains:–the-economy-and-the-future-

On Thursday, USA Today reported that three out of five members of The Federal Communications Commission votes succeeded the rule to proceed with processes of providing consumers with new equipment and applications to use and control pay TV content and programming.

Chairman Tom Wheeler and Commissioners Mignon Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel (Democratic FCC members) assert that the first step has been to take open the pay TV set-top box in the market place. Rosenworcel believes that the set-top box is a space invader and cost consumers more than $200 a year. In the same article, USA Today reported that groups of The Future of TV Coalition such AT&T, Comcast, Verizon and the National Cable Telecommunications Association are planning to take legal action that opposes the new rule because of the possible exposure of consumer content and breach in consumer privacy laws. The groups believe that consumers will be harmed and destroyed by this level of media diversity as a whole.

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Bob Johnson said, “This new Ruling enhances Choices and Reduces cost to consumers.” Because of Consumer advocacy groups endorses the new rule, Stanley Everage Jr said, “Cable operators will lose control of Cable plus Billions of Dollars from leasing to Consumers.” The government created an even playing field for minorities. “It’s over,” said Everage.